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Quip: Work Less Dumb

Note: This post was written on July 19 – Quip may have changed their ad(s) or landing page since. 

Quip is a project management and team collaboration platform that is designed to be an alternative to a Wiki-based platform. I took a look at the first two steps of their Facebook Sales Funnel:

Facebook Ad
Quip Facebook Advertisement

The Good:

  1. The Text Row – The text row (above the image) focuses on the benefit of using their platform and addresses a common pain point project managers or team leaders might face.

The Bad:

  1. Image – I always recommend testing dashboard images on Facebook ads, but Quip’s image is too far away to easily see the dashboard and what is included. I had to put my face six inches from the screen to read some of the text. Devil’s Advocate might say this is a good way to get people to click on the ad, but I rather show a close-up of a section of the dashboard so viewers will click to see more.
  2. News Feed Link Description – One of the benefits of desktop advertising is using the extra space for more intriguing content. There are two things I do not like about the way they have used this space: 1) They repeated the term “wiki” a third time – they should use that space to highlight another benefit. 2) They went over their character limit and it looks like the copy is cut off.

Landing Page – Above the Fold

Quip Landing Page - Above the Fold

The Good:

  1. Banner & Call-to-Action – I like simple and straightforward landing pages – especially above the fold. Quip does a good job at doing that with showing a screenshot of their desktop and mobile web application, a headline that speaks to their target audience, and a one-field lead capturing form. Also, I like how Quip asks for your work email implying that their product is for business use.
  2. Readable Content Below – Whenever more content is needed to drive leads it is best to have that additional content viewable above the fold or have a call-to-action that sends viewers to the next piece of content. In Quip’s case, we can see their next header, “It’s like your wiki, but way better”, above the fold, which gives viewers a reason to scroll down the page.

The Bad:

  1. Call-to-Action – I know what you are thinking: “But Justin, how can you like AND dislike the CTA!?!” I hate to sound picky, but I don’t know what I am actually submitting my email address for. Am I signing up for a demo? Am I signing up for my free trial account? Personally, I rather not find out or I’ll be using my brother’s email address again.

Below the Fold

Quip Landing Page - Below the Fold

The Good

  1. Rest of landing page – The rest of their landing page is digital sales funnel 101:
    1. They list out benefits of using their platform (i.e. Never worry about out-of-date content).
    2. Outline the features of the product by bullet points.
    3. Highlights testimonials by product users.
    4. Showcase well-known companies that use that use the product.
    5. Another call-to-action at the bottom of the page.

The Bad

  1. Needs more CTAs – I would like to see some sort of call-to-action after the product features and before the testimonials. I know there isn’t much farther someone can go down the page, but wouldn’t be surprised if there was a large dropoff in viewership after the product features.

Final Verdict: B

Overall, I think their early-stage sales funnel is well laid out, but I can’t get past the news feed description copy being too long and the lack of clarity for what I am submitting my email information for.

Extra Credit:

Quip was smart and made their landing page responsive for mobile devices. You can see their full mobile lander here.

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